Terms of cooperation

  1. Ironman Inspiration app was launched to improve a communication flow between us and our athletes. Thanks to it you are always updated about all changes in your training plan. You are also able to enter some key informations that affects your plan (performance status, session’s grades and notes, control tests’ results, planned races etc.). The app is not an analytical tool.
    • Before you get your first training plan, it is necessary for you to do control tests for each of three disciplines. If you are having a training break that lasts more than 3 days, at first you’ll receive a plan (at least for a week) that will prepare you to perform control tests and a training program.
    • A plan for your control tests or a preparation program will be sent straight into your calendar in the app once you pay for a training package.
    • Control tests are given to recognize your current fitness level so we can precisely set your training zones. As you are probably going to make a significant progress, tests will be repeated as often as possible (every 4 or 8 weeks).
    • Control tests are to be done only when they are scheduled (don’t do them before; we don’t take into account any results from the past). Instructions how to do the tests properly can be found on “Tips” tab. Remember, it’s crucial to perform tests in such environment and with an equipment you are going to train with. Each test result should be entered in a tab “Progress -> Control tests”, so your training plan would be perfectly suited to your current level. Based on your results we will set paces and training zones for each of disciplines. Keep us updated about completed tests via a contac form in a tab “More”, so we will be able to set a first plan for you as soon as possible. If you are forced to postpone your tests, please let us know – we are going to transfer them for some other days and delay the start of your training plan.
  3. POWER MEASUREMENT. To perform your cycling session in a most efficient way, we strongly recommend you to have a turbo trainer with a built-in power meter or some other type of power meter in a bike. If you have no devices like this, you have to complete a control test based on heart rate (with a chest strap measurement). A description for this kind of test is prepared in “Tips” tab.
  4. REST DAY. In a “Profile” tab you can choose your weekly rest day. Your training sessions are spread over 6 days. Day 7th is a one for recovery and rest. This is obligatory so you should neither do any extra sessions nor make up for some previous ones. You will be getting your training plan on the rest days.
  5. PLANNED RACES. Enter a date of your most important race (A-race) that you are going to prepare for. You can do it in “Progress -> Planned races” tab. While entering races, you can choose its priority: A race or B race. You are able to choose only one A race for a year and we are going to prepare your highest fitness level for that day. If you want to race more often, enter other races as B ones. Choose your races wisely and limit the number of races to the most important ones. Don’t start more often than every 4 weeks, especially in a period before a main race. If a race is really unusual (relay race, a non-standard distance, particularly hard route), include such information as a note for the planned start.
  6. After completing the app with control tests’ scores, chosen day off and planned starts, you will get your introductory training plan up to 24 hours. Sessions for you will appear in a “Calendar” tab. You will be notified through SMS and a message from the app.
  7. STATUSES AND GRADES. Don’t forget about set a proper status of the performance (done/undone) straight after a training session. You can also evaluate your feeling with a grade from 1 to 10 (RPE), where 1 means an active rest and 10 an extreme exhaustion (for ease of use, there are descriptions next to a grade while selecting). If you didn’t do a session, select a “cross” and leave a short note with an explanation (for example: illness, feeling unwell, lack of time, private issues). In case you skipped a session from time to time, it is going to be set in a plan for the next week (unless it’s a recovery week). If your training break would be longer than 3 days and you won’t inform us about the reason, you will get an introductory training plan with control tests again. Please remember to put all information about the past week on the calendar by the end of the day before your day off and mark all statuses correctly. If you update the information in your training calendar only after you receive a message from us about the introduction of a new plan, be sure to inform us in the message sent via the contact form.
  8. NOTES. We strongly recommend to leave some notes about training sessions. You can use the notes as your personal training diary or add some important informations than could be crucial in the planning process. Be aware of the fact that our coaching team have insight in your notes. They are also able to leave some comments there, so please check if no arrow icon appeared on the calendar for a given date. Only informations about a specific workout should be added in your notes. All questions or requests should be sent via contact form in the app (those in a notes will remain unanswered).
  9. Each informations (notes, grades) added to your sessions are taken into account by us, but we analyze them only once a week on your day off. If you need to call us or have any questions, you can always contact us through the “More” tab. We will answer as soon as possible to the e-mail you provided in the app.
  10. Before sending a question to us, please check if the answer hadn’t been given before – look into the “More” tab in a section “Frequently asked questions”.
  11. In the “Profile” tab, you can enter your login and password for a platform you use (for example Garmin, Polar, Suunto) so – if it is absolutely necessary – we can have an insight into how you are completing your workouts. Please be aware that we are not analyzing each of your workouts there. Data in our app is the most important for us. If you already know that there is something you will be distracted with next week, please add a note in the app.
    • BASIC, MEDIUM and ELITE training packages are not the same as personal coaching. Mail and phone contact is allowed only when it is necessary to set a plan for you.
    • For MEDIUM and ELITE plans there’s no possibility to postpone training session without a prior contact with us.
    • Within 20 days before the main race, the day off chosen by you may be changed so that you’re better prepared for the race day.
    • At this stage, until you are officially under our dietary care, we are not providing individual advice in this area.
    • Due to athletes’ safety and health, we are not providing advice in the area of gym program.
    • If you need to contact with us, please send a message via a contact form in the “More” tab.
    • We will respond for your questions/requests sent via form to the e-mail address provided by you in the app.
    • In case of illnesses, injuries or other personal circumstances reported, we can “freeze” the validity of your training package – however, this can only be used in the case of monthly subscriptions and couldn’t be applied with a promo package for 3, 6 or 9 months.
    • Read the “Frequently asked questions” in the “More” tab.

Train with us in a safe and proven way.