Terms of cooperation

Our app was made to allow athletes to have easier way to contact with us. Thanks to that, you will be informed each time your training plan is updated.

Before you get the first plan, you have to get through three fitness tests, one of each discipline. Once you paid for the training plan, you will get your tests’ instructions. See the “Tips -> Fitness tests” tab to check how to carry out your tests properly. Every time you will be informed where to find every instructions and tips to go through training session. Once you complete your test, please don’t forget to enter your score in a “Progress -> Control tests” tab. Thanks to that, your training plan will be perfectly adjusted to your current fitness level. We will set paces and intensity ranges for you based on that scores. Let us know you have done the test by sending a contact form in a “More” tab as soon as possible – we will know we can build your plan. If you were made to postpone the date of your tests, don’t worry, just let us know – we will extend your account’s validity for this time.

We strongly recommend you to have a turbo trainer with a power meter or a measurement in your bike, which will make your bike sessions way more effective. If you have no power meter, you have to do the test basing on heart rate. A description for this kind of test is prepared in “Tips” tab.

In a “Profile” tab you can choose your weekly rest day. Your training sessions are spread over 6 days. Day 7th is a one for recovery and rest.

Enter a date of your most important race that you are going to prepare for. You can do it in “Progress -> Planned races” tab. While entering races, you can choose its priority: A race or B race. You are able to choose only one A race for a year and we are going to prepare your highest fitness level for that day. If you want to race more often, enter other races as B ones.

After completing the app with fitness tests’ scores, chosen day off and planned starts, you will get your introductory training plan up to 24 hours. Sessions for you will appear in a Calendar” tab. You will be notified through SMS and a message from the app.

You can leave a note for the selected type of workout if you want to inform us about something important. You can also use notes as your personal training diary, but remember that we have an insight into this informations. After completing the training, you can evaluate your feeling with a grade from 1 to 10, where 10 means that you felt perfectly and 1 that you did the training with difficulties. In the “Profile” tab, enter your login and password for the Garmin, Polar, Suunto or TomTom platforms so that we can have an insight into how you are completing your workouts. Each informations (notes, grades) added to your sessions are taken into account by us, but we analyze them only once a week on your day off. If you need to call us or have any questions, you can always contact us through “More” tab.

Always remember to inform us through the Calendar” tab whether you’ve done a session or not. Your plan is updated once a week on your day off and it’s based on how did you perform during the week.


  • For MEDIUM and ELITE plans there’s no possibility to postpone training session without a prior contact with us.
  • Within 20 days before the main race, the day off chosen by you may be changed so that you’re better prepared for the race day.
  • At this stage, until you are officially under our dietary care, we are not providing individual advice in this area.

Train with us in a safe and proven way.