Terms of cooperation

Our application was created to improve communication with the triathletes . Thanks to it, you will be kept informed about all changes in your training plan.

If you want to cooperate with us, fill the “Survey for a new athlete” that you’ll find in the “More” tab. We will let you know as soon as we got it.

What you need to remember is to always mark whether you have done the training assigned by us, or not. You must do it in the “Calendar” tab. We update the trainings for our users every Saturday and Sunday and they are based on how the contestant has worked during the current training week.

You can leave a note for the selected type of workout if you want to inform us about something important. You can also treat notes as your personal training diary, but remember that we have an insight into this information. After completing the training, you have to evaluate your feeling with a grade from 1 to 10, where 10 means that you felt perfectly, and 1 that you did the training with some difficulties. In the “Profile” tab, enter your login and password for the Garmin, Polar, Suunto or TomTom platforms so that we can have an insight into how you are completing your workouts.

Then, enter the main competition you want to prepare for. You will do it in the “Progress -> Planned starts” tab.

While entering the competition, you have two options: A start or B start. For a specific season, you can choose only one competition with the main start status. We will make sure that you are prepared and in the best form that day. If you want to start several times in the season, enter the remaining starts as “control starts”.

In the “Profile” tab, select the day of the week in which you want a day off. Trainings are spread optimally for 6 days. Day 7 is the time for regeneration and rest.

After completing the above data and necessary information, you will receive up to 48 hours an introductory training plan with the selected day off taken into account. The introduced trainings will appear in the “Calendar” tab. will inform you about it via email and SMS. In the first week, you will be tasked with performing control tests for each of the three disciplines. Information on how to do it can be found in the “Tips -> Control Tests” tab (available for active users). Moreover, whenever necessary, we will inform you where you can find the information needed for the proper conduct of the training.

Each test result must be entered in the “Progress -> Control Tests” tab for the selected discipline. Thanks to this, your plan will be perfectly matched to your current level of training. Based on the results of the control tests, we will adjust the speed and exercise scales for individual units.

For swimming trainings, you will need hand paddles, swimming goggles and a sports watch, which you will also use while running. The watch will enable you to perform each tasks that are based on speed. You must also have a turbo trainer with power measurement or another power meter. Train with us in a safe and proven way.

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